Mahalaxmi Temple Daily Rituals & Pooja Schedule

Mahalaxmi Temple Daily Rituals & Pooja Schedule


  • Ringing of the temple bells daily at 4.30am, 8.30am, 11.30am, 7.30pm & 9.30pm before performing abhishek / aaratee seva to inform devotees.

Opening & Closing Mandir Doors

  • Opening of the temple door at 4.45am, Closing of the temple door at 10.45pm.
  • Closing of the outer doors of temple at 11.00pm.

At 5.00am Mukhamarjan, Padya Pooja

  • This involves the waking of the deity with a Kakada - torch, to accompaniment of hymns Mukhmarjan, Padya Pooja.

At 5.30am Aaratee Ritual

  • Ekarti, kapoor aratee is done called, Kakadarati with butter & coarse sugar naivaidya. Devotional songs in 'Bhup-Rag' are recited at this time.

At 9.00am & 12.00pm Morning Pooja

  • This pooja involves offering of Shodashopachara pooja consisting of 16 elements. Pancamrit Abhishek (anointing the Goddesses feet with curd, milk, honey, ghee & sugar) with vaidic chants is carried out and next

At 9.30am Aartee Ritual & At 12.30pm Aartee Ritual With Mahanaivaidya

  • Ekaratee, pancharatee, kapoor aartee is doen with sweet rawa kheer naivaidya & for noon pooja maha naivaidya of pure veg dish consist of sweet puran poli with local traditional rich dishes coarse, also called 'Bhog -Arati ending with shankhteerth is spreading over devotee

After 12.30pm Oranament pooja

  • Ornament pooja is done with rich saree & ornament offered by devotee for darshan of idol up to 8.45pm till evening aaratee is done

At 7.30pm

  • After ringing of bells at 7.30 pm Vaidic hymns are chanted

At 8.15pm Aartee ritual

  • Ekaratee, pancharatee, kapoor aartee is doen with laddu, poha, & karanjee naivaidya & shankhteerth is spreding over devotee. After Aarati, ornarnents are taken off and kept in treasury.

At 10.10pm Shej Aaratee

  • Kapoor aartee with shej aaratee & nidra vida is doen with milk & sugar naivaidya & same naivaidy given to devotee as prasad of mahalaxmi.

  • Aarati & naivaidya also offered at same time daily for daity Mahakali, Matuling, Shree yantra, Maha Ganapati, Maha Saraswati which is within temple premises.
  • Tuesday & Friday, Aarati seats increase Arati-visit is given to all small & big 87 temples within premises of temple periphery.
  • Every Friday is fast day of shree mahalaxmi Devi so 'Naivedya' is offered to the Devi at night on Friday & a festive image of the deity is taken out in palanquin procession around the temple between courtyard within temple premises on each Friday at 9.30pm
  • There is a tradition to do special aarati whenever Shree Shankaracharya & Shreemant Chhatrapati pay a visit to the temple or at time of Eclipse, Kiranotsava etc

[The above timings are subject to change on special dates especially the lunar and solar eclipse]

Mahalaxmi Idol
Ustav Murti With Ornaments
Mahalaxmi Idol